About Your Coach

Loreta is a host at the Mastermind Lab featured on The Nordic Business Report, Thrive Global, Life hack, Body Mind Soul Magazine.


Solid experience since 2007 | Industries 

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An over a decade of experience in the public sector:

  • Managing Director of a Charity.
  • Country leader of an international NGO management.

Private sector:

  • Training specialist in fintech.
  • Manager for programs delivery in training consulting.


  • Quality assurance in  higher education.
  • Assistant to Parlament member.

Stories of Impact | Geography

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The Nordics, India, Sri Lanka, Germany, Serbia, Croatia, West Bank, UK, Malaysia have been covered a way before the lockdown with Loreta’s programs and trainings in a range of creativity to team and leadership management.

The What

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Loreta finds at least 1-3 big things that stand in the way of your Results in terms of Actions, Accountability, Acknowledgment in the area of self-care, resilience and performance. 

  • 1 to 1 coaching
  • Mastermind
  • Micro training


Personal Facts

  • I am a book author "The Silent Coach"
  • I started over again to live and work in 3+ countries: Europe (Belgium, Denmark) and South East Asia (India, Malaysia)
  • I worked in 7+ different service, people and leadership positions
  • I volunteered 10 + years
  • I did work for public, private, NGOs.
  • I failed and raised over again (losing jobs, family members)

Knowledge Base

  • Training and Leadership: JCI
  • Coaching: Evercoach by Mindvalley, Frontier Trainings
  • Resilience: The Resilience Institute Global
  • Mindfulness and healing: Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, The Pranic Healing Institute for Inner Studies
  • Behavior: NLP practitioner; Cultural Intelligence, Points of You.
  • Lots of retreats, silence camps and personal growth events.